The artistic creation
Is a daily experience
And ongoing celebration

Gila Elyashar-Stocklisky

my story

This quote by Gila Elyashar-Stocklisky best describes this unique artist. Born and raised in Kfar-Sirkin, Gila had a passion for the arts from an early age. She began showing her artistic inclinations as a child, embroidering and sewing in her childhood home.

Gila turned this passion into a profession and now combines different techniques in her artwork: Ceramic and Bronze are utilized by her to create intricate and delicate sculptures, her paintings show nature both in its ethereal and earthly forms and her one of a kind jewels combine colorful and bold crystals and gemstones along with delicate pearls

Gila's passion for art is not only translated into her beautiful creations. She also teaches art to eager and fresh eyed students. As a former student of Art History at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, Gila believes that the knowledge and history of art should be passed on.

Along with her acclaimed creations, Gila is also involved in social matters. She has set up a special residence for senior citizens and is still involved in its activity to date. This connects to Gila's beliefs that art transcends age and connects people that are in different stages in their lives.

Gila Elyashar-Stocklisky now resides in Jerusalem and continues to make her art. It can be seen in her website and Facebook page and in different shows casing the versatility of her creations. Truly an ongoing celebration of art

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